Tuesday, April 12, 2016

mycotoxins cleaning plan

I plan on going home friday or Saturday and I have already bought shockwave and Concrobium cleaners and now I am not sure if I want to use those, I also have looked into ozone machines ..AND honestly I am not sure I want to use those, my gut is saying use baking soda and lemon with some tea tree oil and wipe down all the walls.

 Urggg there are so many suggestions on what to do what not to do and a person never knows what is going ot be right for them .. with our breathing sinus issues I just worry that maybe less is more in the way of cleaning since our systems have already been so degraded from living with mold for so long I worry anything we do may have a adverse affect ...

 Went out to the house yesterday and it smells weird in there I hope its just  the big sheets of plastic we still have hanging everywhere and when those are gone the smell will go with it .. 

 Andrew and I went to home depot and bought some paint for his bathroom and some mildew mold resistant primer and of course I am worried about using that too ..Good God I just worry over everything ..I just want us to continue to improve..

 I am so very happy that we are going home the beginning of spring and summer I will have months to air out the house and clean with all the windows open and it will be hot and I plan on letting the house cook all summer and just spend more time in the swimming pool , we will see how that plan works when its 110 degrees outside LOL I will be buying a new window A/C just in case the heat is too much ..

 The thing is mycotoxins are hard to get rid of and I have not found and sure fire plan to make them disappear except time lots and lots of time like years and years and I am scared of them as much or more so than toxic black mold ...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Coming down with something

It feels like a cold coming on now UGH I guess the timing is pretty good LOL
Here is a short slideshow of our coast trip

Monday, March 21, 2016

Found more water damage and another leak under our floor Toxic Black Mold

The water damage in our house is much worse than we thought ...the mold remediators are there doing more testing and the whole floor from our bathroom, clear to the dining room is wet from another water leak we didn't even know was there ..I am not sure the leak has even been found yet ...I need to call Randy and get a update ..My most important advice to everyone is when your gut tells you something is wrong, very wrong, follow your instincts...I pray we will get our health back 100% ...I am so glad I left that house as if it was on fire... it was a very hard thing for me to do, just up and tell Randy we were leaving and I would not come back till we found the problem ...I was tired of seeing my kids and me sick all the time....... something was wrong and turns out I was right ...Now I need to look back on my blog and see if my illness started when the water heater leaked and we had it fixed... I know it was around that time ...and that been since 2008 or 2009 ...

Monday, February 29, 2016

Just thinking ...

Saturday, February 27, 2016


I have so much responsibilities...and I get overwhelmed ..I have always taken care of my family.. Randy and I have made sure we made good money decisions..We help people when able, and also try to help others make good choices ..sometimes, many times I have asked Randy if I can just run away, if we can run away ...I don't ask for much from anyone, honestly I really don't ask for anything from anyone for myself..ok I do have Mindi come watch Rylan if I have to go to a appointment and I have had to ask my mom to come watch him a few times.. I had been very sick the past few years...maybe you hadn't noticed LOL "for the past 3 years" but basically if I cant do it on my own or with Randy's help then we do without..I don't see very much of this in others.. I have Randy to lean on he is my greatest support and has been there for me and helped me with our decisions.. he works hard everyday and complains very little.. I don't always have answers for everyone..I feel good about things I have done and overcome in my life.. I am proud of myself and don't feel the need or care if others are proud of me.. I KNOW what I have overcome and what Randy has overcome to be the people we are, and we are pretty damn awesome... I keep plugging along..I have a new chapter in my life and I am just not sure how to go about doing things ..maybe I will write more about it maybe I wont..Just feeling overwhelmed and lost right now and would like to close the curtains, lock the doors, turn off my phone and focus on me and my house but that is not going to happen !!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The blog will be continued at ...

The new blog will continue here..It will be much easier for my next book publishing ..
>>>click here<<<< don't forget to bookmark it if the link is not working you can copy and paste this into your address bar http://livingcreekside2012andbeyond.blogspot.com/

I havent been posting much

I had my blog printed into a book and now I am not sure if I should start a new blog as I have done in the past when I had them printed out into hardbound book form..I will make this short blog though to give a quick rundown of things ...My very good friend JoAnna gave birth to her stillborn daughter Laura on June 26th ohh my such devastation she was full term actually 5 days past her due date and the cord wrapped around her neck and she died while JoAnna was in labor ...let me tell you my heart has been broken for her family there are just no words ..

This summer has been the summer of being flat out broke the renters have been having a very hard times too and will be moving at the end of next week then the process of re renting begins This time we are going to provide water and trash service and just charge a higher rent hopefully we are able to get renters soon and out get back to paying down the CC bill...
health wise I am doing pretty good my weight has gone down to 145 lbs wow I am feeling so good at this weight and don't wish to lose anymore ..
Mindi is back home with us for a while not sure what her long term plans are but we are hoping to get some moola saved up to get her into a house of her own so hopefully housing prices don't go up to quickly .I really don't think they will the economy is so bad right now :-( ..I keep hearing on the news that things are getting better but I do not see that with my own eyes ...so anyways thats the quick update..when I decide on what to do about a new blog or whatever I will post the link here ..

Monday, June 4, 2012

MRI is done

I went for my MRI of my cocaxx today. I hope they also got some of my lower spine. The girl said they got good pictures I really hope that translates into " we found out what in the hell is wrong with your back "  we shall see what my doc says in a few days...its so damn depressing to be in pain all the time or like today I had to take my pain patch off a day early cause you can't wear it for the mri we taped it back on but these patches are like scotch tape on fabric they completly loose the sticky after they have been used...ok so the MRI this time was much better than my others it was a newer machine I think and plus I am 65 lbs lighter so it felt a lot more roomy ..my back I noticed after laying there for 45 minutes seems like one side the side that hurts is bigger than the other side so I felt like I was laying sideways on a bit of a hill... they used a contrast dye for the last 15 minutes of scans ...please let these show something please please please....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another Book

I spent the $155.00 to get this blog made into a hardbound book this will be the 3rd one I have done I hate the thought of all my posts in the past few years to be lost forever ,hopefully my books wont be .Maybe when we are a bit more caught up on bills I will have a soft cover one of all my blogs combined to store in a safe place ..I was saving the posts to my computer so maybe I will see when the last time I did that was and copy all of the posts after that and make a DVD I feel the need to do something I just never get a chance ..when I feel good I feel like I should be doing something around the house like cleaning or cooking and when I feel bad I am not able to sit and do stuff at the computer ..story of my life oh well I don't need to be reminding anyone of the way I feel anymore its pretty much bad days and some good days for the most part things haven't been to bad though...

Update I went for my colonoscopy last week and the doc didnt see anything to concerning there and Monday I will go for a MRI to see if maybe I have a cyst on my coccax ..I HATE MRIs I hope its not the snotty lady that did it last time ughh laying there for 45minutes is really not as enjoyable as it sounds ...dont move move ,dont breath,dont burp, don't fart ,don't move your hand don't wiggle a toe one and on it goes then you have to pay out the ass when your all done blah...why cant someone just find what is wrong with me this is getting so old I cant even make simple plans for anything cause I don't know if I will be bedridden that day you know you know ughhh...ok so now that I have made a update I feel accomplished ...
I will try to get some pictures up next time ..we bought Rylan a 12 ft by 30 inch deep pool for his birthday and I sit at the desktop computer and watch him if I am not outside so I should be able to get some pics organized and up ..right now its raining,a nice warm rain but I am ready for the sun come Tuesday ...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

six years..

my baby is now 6 years old wow it sure has gone by quickly ...he is getting ready to lose his first tooth,  the big tooth is right behind it and we can see it very well :-)....
so today we went to toys r us and to the olive garden for dinner all he ate was bread sticks lol.....the weather today was cold brrr he asked me why its always like this on his birthday my answer was because it just happens to be the time of year you were born ..I am sure its confusing to him because last week was so summery warm.

Monday, May 21, 2012

maybe a answer for my butt/ back/leg pains

yes the old butt/back/leg feeling like I am sitting on a golfball pains could COULD be getting a answer on May 31st...I went to the proctologist doctor today like I told him "you look at butts all day " so maybe you can help me figue out why why why I am in so much pain all the time ...I explained my issue and he went to work with one of my most unpleasent tasks I don't like ..the rectal exam ...he felt something that don't feel right ..he didn't use the word mass or wnything but said it did not feel like cancer but it didn't feel right to him,  so he has scheduled me for a MRI of my coccyx and a colonoscopy so he can see what he can at this point only feel ..of course I couldn't think of any questions ...he said something else about something he could see that didn't look quite right but I can't remember what it was I know I know I should of asked more so I could google this stuff while I am waiting for my appointments ...he did bring up my barretts esophagus but I can't remember why..now I am wondering if my intestines are doing weird cell changes like my esophagus did ...
    in a way I am worried but in another way I am not ...I am at the point of feeling like I just want answers to why I have so much pain and why I can't sit on hard chairs because of the golfball lump feeling ...I want to know I am not just a sissy lala, lazy person :-( there are so many things I would love to do but phycicaly I am.just not able I hate living this way ..its no fun and I know it weighs heavy on Randy and my kids ..I am not the wife and mommy I want to be and that makes me sad ....sad for them and sad for me :-( I hate it I really do.....
so keep praying I get a answer obviously your prayers work better than.my own because this doc suggested these tests on his own.... didn't look at me like I am a nut case....didn't  tell me to lose weight and do more exercize ...I have already tried all those things they don't work for me..
  on a good note I am down about 70 lbs the weight is just falling off of me these days ...

Monday, May 14, 2012

i think i have figured this out

I am 100% sure that when I fell down the stairs at our last home about 17 years ago I broke my coaxxy bone tail bone, then when in popped while digging weeds in 2003 and went to the chyropractor something went wrong ...I have had issue with sitting everydince then..I am not sure what kind of doctor to see I do have a appointment with my pcp tomarrow and a proctologist on the 21st and a spine center on the 31st I may be cacelling the spine specialist not sure going to talk with my pcp first...I really really think this is my answer...maybe since I have lost 70 lbs that bone is pokeing out further when I sit and that's why there is so much more pain ...